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Roman Govt essays

Roman Govt essays The Romans have had almost every type of government there is. They've had a kingdom, a republic, a dictatorship, and an empire. Their democracy would be the basis for most modern democracies. The people have always been involved with and loved their government, no matter what kind it was. They loved being involved in the government, and making decisions concerning everyone. In general, the Romans were very power-hungry. This might be explained by the myth that they are descended from Romulus, who's father was Mars, the god of war. Their government loving tendencies have caused many, many civil wars. After type of government, the change has been made with a civil war. There have also been many civil wars between rulers. But it all boils down to wanting to be involved in government. When the Greeks finally entered Troy after ten long years of siege, a man named Aeneas escaped the city with his father, Anchises, and his son, Ascanius. They went to Mt. Ida, where they were to meet Aeneas' wife, Creusa, but she never showed up. Saddened, Aeneas acquired a boat and sailed around the Mediterranean. He bounced around from Asia Minor to Greece to Crete looking for a place to found a new Troy, but he couldn't find a satisfactory place. As told by Homer in the Aeneid, Aeneas was cared for by the gods. Venus, in particular, was very worried about him. She asked Jupiter, king of the gods about him, and he said this: "Since you are so consumed with anxiety for Aeneas, I shall turn forward far The hidden pages of fate and speak of the future. He shall conduct a great campaign for you. And conquer all Italy and its haughty peoples. He shall impose laws on his own people. And build walled cities for them; the third summer Shall see him rule in Latium, the third winter Of warfare see the Rutulians [an Italian tribe] subdued. But his son Ascanius... It is he who shall consolidate your power-For thirty years with all their turning months; Then...

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Glasgow City Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Glasgow City - Essay Example Glasgow in itself is an old city and we trace its origin back in the 12th century  (Slack, 2004). The city has transformed itself from a poor city to a more beautiful city and as a tourist destination. Glasgow tourism strategy 2016 provides the city’s outline and ambitious plan for the decade long development of Scotland’s tourist industry. According to this strategy, the city expects 4 million visitors every year before 2016. This is in accordance with global projections which estimate a growth by 4% every year in the tourism sector. Economically, this would prove advantageous as the city will earn averagely  £ 1 billion every year. With all this projections it is now evident that the win for the bid is in line with its tourism strategy. This is because the event is likely to bring millions of people from all over the world to participate in the event in one way or the other. It is important to understand that a country with good tourist destination has high chance s of hosting some of the world’s major sporting events. It is argued that besides sporting, there is need to promote cultural interaction and economic development  (Tomlinson, 2005). Apart from gaining economically in sports, the host nation is also supposed to earn from tourism. This was one factor that ensured Glasgow city won the bid. The city hosted the 1988 Garden Festival and won the European City of Culture (ECoC) title in 1990  (Weiler, 2004). In addition to this the City also boasts of Glasgow Royal Concert Hall and a Gallery of modern art which was opened in 1996. The gallery of modern art now holds the title of UK City of Architecture and Design. All this fit in the city’s strategy and the games will only help in emphasizing more on cultural value and promote tourism. Glasgow city also boasts of hosting the UEFA Champions League Final in 2002 one of the most prestigious soccer event in the world   (Glanville, 2012). Moreover, the city collected their E uropean Capital of Sport title in 2003 something that made them host the UEFA Cup Final in 2007  (Woods, 2007).. Besides the good sporting reputation the tourism industry in the city has been rebranding itself. Major brands like ‘Glasgow Scotland with Style’ and ‘safe pair of hand’ have been key in ensuring that the country host major sporting and cultural events. Besides this, the long term strategies such as infrastructure investment, civic engagement and unwavering belief has helped the country to attract many tourists in the city. All these are important in ensuring that the country promotes its tourism industry and this fits with the strategy of Glasgow city.  

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Literature rewiev Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Literature rewiev - Essay Example She likewise strongly suggested that adequate training of staff and teachers is needed to improve the quality of mainstreaming and inclusion practices. The Audit Commission Report (2002) found that there is a gap between policy and practice, citing several cases of British schools where the duty to mainstream education is absent where the education of a child with SEN is incompatible with the rest. The same report discovered that children with SEN experienced greater or lesser difficulty in gaining admission to their school of choice. Children with emotional and behavioural difficulties had most problems, followed by children with ADHD, and then those with autistic spectrum disorders (ASD). The report findings are supported by Sage (2004) and Wright (2003) but not by Wilkins et al. (2004). Despite the widespread adoption of policies on mainstreaming, and more recently on inclusive education for children and young people with SEN, little is actually known about the relationship between what teachers think about such policies and the type of learning environments they provide. A study (Monsen & Frederickson, 2004) in New Zealand involving 63 primary school teachers and 1,729 pupils concluded that children taught by teachers who espoused highly positive attitudes towards mainstreaming were found to have significantly higher levels of classroom satisfaction and marginally lower levels of classroom friction that children taught by teachers with less positive attitudes. MacKay (2002) challenged many of the prevailing trends in relation to disability and special education needs. Taking a broad view of developments since Warnock, and providing a fascinating insight into initiatives in Scotland, Gilbert MacKay offered an analysis of five ways in which the notion of disability, and the practical reality of our responses to it, are being unhelpfully removed from the educational arena. Whilst all can strive to promote forms of inclusion that encompass ever-widening parameters of diversity, no one's interests are served if the implications of individuals' difficulties are simply ignored or wished away. MacKay highlighted dangers in some recent trends but also points the way towards a much more responsive and productive future. Several recent research studies have come out on the experience of inclusion and mainstreaming in British education. Simmons and Bayliss (2007) discussed the role of special schools and the practicality of segregation. Carpenter (2007) focused on the role of schools as research organisations. Whitehurst (2007) emphasised the importance of learning about the experiences of the children who are the object of mainstreaming practices. Keil et al. (2006) came up with enlightening research findings on SEN and disability. Frederickson et al. (2007) assessed the social and affective outcomes of inclusion. Lindsay (2003) addressed the development of inclusion and inclusive practices, models of special educational needs and disability, and the values that underpin thinking about these matters. Basing his argument on the research evidence, Lindsay provides a searching critique of prevailing notions about inclusion and of current approaches to research. His conclusions will be of interest to everyone concerned with the education of children and young

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Ancient civilization Essay Example for Free

Ancient civilization Essay Ancient civilization was characterized with a culture that was rich in content, and embraced all aspects of human life. Religion for instance was so much emphasized as the basic support to human life. Assyrian winged protective deities were Egyptian religious figures. The chapel of Sekhem-ank-ptah is another unique aspect of history and has its weight on the wall hangings which had various writing inscribed on them. Lamassu, which is also known as lama is one of the Assyrian deities which had an obligation of protecting the people. This religious power existed between C883-613 in the Assyrian territory. The religious wall hangings found in the chapel of sekhen-ank-ptah has close similarity to Lama. All of them existed to in the ancient days with the wall hangings dating back to 2450 to 2350 BC. The region of existence of the wall hangings was however Sakkara in the late dynasty 5 (Tomasi, M. 2006). The two unique powers had varying representations. Lama was displayed as a large bull with horns and was always placed as a monument at the entrance of palaces. The gender of Lama was of the form of human males. Great artists always confirmed that the Assyrian deities with wings were actually apotropaic figures. Wall hangings on the other hands were made using thick papyrus which was obtained from swamps, lots of drawings were posted on the wall hangings and these drawings had various interpretations of divine nature. One similarity however is the material used to make them. All were made using sacred items. Lamassa represented a standing figure and served as a servant to a superior god. This meant that all visitors of the superior god were welcomed by the lame. Lama also had one great duty of protecting people against evil forces. The wall hangings on the other hands acted as a reminder of the baths to be taken in life. Some parts of the wall; hanging represented the process of giving offerings in church. The pictures had diagrams of animals in motion. Al these had interpretation. For example, the wall hanging on butchers at work and that showing plants in the field had an interpretation that the people were mainly farmers. Generosity in terms of giving food is also an output obtained form this diagram. The ancient Assyrian people believed in these symbols of deity and followed the beliefs carefully. Any violation of the precepts was believed to bring curses both then and the generation that followed

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Managing A Personal Computer :: essays research papers

Managing A Personal Computer 1.1 The AUTOEXEC.BAT file is one of files which loads every time the computer is booted. It contains command lines and procedures to run programs and load settings for the system’s hardware and software configuration. It also may contain command lines procedures to run programs which may clean your system’s hard drive of temporary files and viruses. An example of this file is shown below: @ECHO OFF PROMPT $P$G SET PATH=C:DOS LH C:SBCDDRVMSCDEX.EXE /S /D:MSCD001 /M:8 /V SET BLASTER=A220 I5 D1 T4 SET SOUND=C:SBPRO C:MOUSEMMOUSE.COM The first line of this batch file, @ECHO OFF, is programming command which hides all the command lines procedures from the user. The second line is also a programming command that configures the CUI command prompt. The parameters after PROMPT tell the CUI what to show. The $P stands for current drive and path and $G stands for the greater than sign (>). Apart from those two parameters, a user can add any characters after PROMPT and it’ll be shown as the command prompt. The next command configures the CUI to search for files in that directory first before looking in its current location. The SET and PATH command procedures, even though different commands, are used in conjunction to configure CUI environment variables and the parameters displayed after that are what the CUI will search in first. The next command is loading DOS’s CD-Rom drive letter allocater (The CD-Rom driver must be loaded first in the CONFIG.SYS). The parameters after the executable file inform the CUI to allocate a particular drive letter for the CD-Rom and also may inform the CUI to allocate extended memory or how to read the CD-Rom in terms of speed and sectors. The LH configures the CUI to load this command procedure in high or extended memory. The next command procedure allocates the Interrupt and Drive Memory allocation for the system’s sound card as well as informing the CUI of the sound card’s input/output range. The next command procedure informs the CUI to look for all the drivers for the sound card in its parameters which will be a directory on the hard disk. The last command loads the driver for the mouse. This command procedure doesn’t need any parameters and is just a single command procedure telling the CUI to load that executable file. 1.2 A Batch File Which Asks For User Input: @echo off cls IF "%1"=="C" GOTO DRIVE IF "%1"=="D" GOTO DRIVE if "%1"=="c" goto drive if "%1"=="d" goto drive

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Scalar Vector

Acceleration is the rate of change of velocity with time. Velocity is a vector physical quantity; both magnitude and direction are required to define it. The length of an imaginary straight path, typically distinct from the path actually traveled by P. Distance is a numerical description of how far apart objects are. In physics or everyday usage, distance may refer to a physical length, or an estimation Time in physics is defined by its measurement Formula Acceleration= change in velocity / time intervalAverage velocity= displacement/time Oz (square root of) squared plus y squared D=ext X=d/t Units The gal, sometimes called Galileo, (symbol Gal) The SSL unit of speed and velocity is the ratio of two -? the mutterer second. The standard unit of displacement in the International System Of Units ( SSL ) is the meter (m). Meter (m) In the International System of Units (SSL), the unit of time is the second (symbol: Examples At an amusement park, when you ride a reallocates is starts slowl y, then faster, then slows down again.If you walk to a campsite 1 mile away and then jack to your start point within 1 hour: Your average speed would be: total distance/time = 2 miles/ 1 hour or 2 miles per hour How far does the earth travel in one year? In terms of distance, quite far (the circumference of the earth's orbit is nearly one trillion meters), but in terms of displacement, not far at all (zero, actually). At the end of a year's time the earth is right back where it started from. It hasn't gone anywhere.

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The Topic Of Age Discrimination - 1522 Words

Introduction: The topic of age discrimination. Age discrimination is prohibited by the United States government under the Age Discrimination in Employment Act of 1967 which was put into place to protect workers over the age of forty. Under this acactin is illegal to show any form of discrimination towards workers over the age of forty, including unfavorable treatment in the hiring decisions made by employers. This essentially means that of two prospective employees who possess the same qualifications, an employer cannot choose the younger of the two simply based on their age and therefore potential useful years of service. This essay seeks to examine this law and put forward arguments for and against the application of the law. While it may seem fair to enforce laws against age discrimination against workers over the age of forty, there is the opposing argument where workers under the age of forty may also experience indirect discrimination when passed over for jobs as a result of lack of experience, however, under the ADEA, they are not protected and so face this kind of discrimination in the workplace with no recourse for redress. In addition, much as workers over the age of forty are given recourse for action under the ADEA, as with many cases of discrimination, it can be difficult to prove disparate treatment or actual intent to discriminate, and there are many legitimate defenses to any lawsuits including the bona fide occupational qualificationShow MoreRelatedEssay about The Issue of Age Discrimination in America863 Words   |  4 PagesThe Issue of Age Discrimination in America The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) protects against age discrimination under Title VII. Specifically, the Age Discrimination in Employment Act (ADEA), which was passed in 1967 by congress, covers discrimination against employees who are 40 or more years old. This topic should be a big concern for employers, since the number of elderly workers is increasing as the baby boomer population matures. It is estimated that as many as twenty-percentRead MoreHow Disability Affects Young People s Experience Of Growing Up918 Words   |  4 Pagespeers (leading education and social research, 2014, p1). In this article they conducted their research on a longitudinal study, and they looked at young teens in England who was experiencing behavior change. The study gathered young teens that were age 19, who was experiencing disability and behavior change in their teens, the study also evaluated teens with the same or different experiences of growing up compared to non-disabled young p eople (leading education and social research, 2014, p1). TheyRead MoreWorkplace Discrimination : Tips For Executives, Managers, And Students1261 Words   |  6 Pages David A. Robinson wrote a short book, Workplace Discrimination: Tips for Executives, Managers, and Students to Increase Productivity and Reduce Litigation, in hopes to help managers and future managers avoid illegal discrimination and avoid discrimination lawsuits. Robinson began with telling about Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s â€Å"I have a dream† speech and compared it to the time today to American President Barak Obama. From Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s speech to the inauguration of American PresidentRead MoreThe State Should Stay Out of the Employment Relationship1504 Words   |  7 Pagesstandards, the minimum wages and maximum working hours. There is a large body of statute law (legislation) that regulates employment relations in Australia at both the federal and state level (Bray 2012). Such as Racial Discrimination Act 1975 and Sex Discrimination Act1984 for anti-discrimination, Common Law and Statute Law for the occupational health and safety (OHS). The main apparatuses of the state for employment relations are state and federal government departments, agencies, tribunals and courts (LoudounRead MoreHuman Resource Management And The Civil Rights Act Of 1964 Essay944 Words   |  4 Pagesagainst applicants of any background. Discrimination by types such as age, disability, equal pay/compensation, genetic information, harassment, national origin, pregnancy, race/color, religion, retaliation, sex, and sexual harassment are all protected under the EEOC laws. It is also illegal for an employer to â€Å"discriminate against a person because the person complained about discrimination, filed a charge of discrimination, or participated in an employment discrimination investigation or lawsuit.† (EEOCRead MoreDiscrimination Against Gays and Lesbians in the Workplace924 Words   |  4 PagesThe topic I have chosen for my research paper comes under the general heading of culture. Culture may be defined as the language, beliefs, val ues, norms, and material objects passed from one generation to the next. The specific topic I proposed to investigate is discrimination of homosexuals in the workplace. This topic is particularly interesting to me because I am an advocate of equality for all. I believe that no matter your race, age, sex, or sexual orientation you should be treated fairly. MyRead MoreAgeism : Ageism And Prejudice Against The Old Age1506 Words   |  7 PagesLike sexism and racism, ageism is discrimination, a deep and profound prejudice against the elderly. Elderly individuals constantly face negligence because of Ageism. In this society of isms, racism, sexism, and ageism; these things create labels, stereotypes, and categorizes people, by shape, size, color, and age. The elderly in their later years should be able to have a peaceable life and be treated with dignity and respect. However, pretty much anyone over the age of 50 is a target for an attackRead MoreDiscrimination And Diversity1285 Words à ‚  |  6 PagesDiscrimination comes in many forms. Discrimination and diversity are closely linked considering the reasons behind discrimination are what makes up the definition of diversity. Not only is discrimination made against gender, race, and religion, but it is also made of age, disabilities, appearance and in a lot of cases, women who are pregnant too. This is very much a reality for many employers. There are laws protecting acts of discrimination. This topic is so sensitive, that many employers implementRead MoreDiscrimination Of Individuals With Disabilities1360 Words   |  6 Pages Discrimination of Individuals with Disabilities in the Nonprofit Sector E. Isabelle Barbancourt Florida Atlantic University Abstract Although the topic of discrimination has been covered in various settings, there is still a need to do more research on discrimination that affect people who have disabilities in order to effectively educate and prevent discrimination workplace settings. This research will explore the prevalence of discrimination in nonprofit organizations and organizational costsRead MoreThe Reasons Why Inequality Still Lurks Within Society Today s Society1717 Words   |  7 Pagesthink of discrimination as being a major issue when in reality it is. Many people around the world have claimed to be victims of these terrible actions by companies and employers. These people are one of the reasons why inequality still lurks in society today. The types of discrimination fall into three major categories. Age, gender, and racial discrimination are relevant in the workplace and job interviews. Elders over the age of fifty-five are having a hard time finding a job do to their age. Mary